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golf coach and student with club

Golf lessons are one of the most efficient ways to improve your golf game. If you’re going to invest time and money into golf lessons, it’s crucial to coordinate with your coach to ensure you get the most out of the experience. While every golf instructor has their own format for lessons, coordinating with your coach ensures you know what to expect and lets your coach know what you’re hoping to accomplish with your lessons. Choose classes taught by PGA professionals who know how to work with you, whether you’re a beginner or advanced golfer, to develop the abilities you need to get your game where you want it to be.

Choose The Type Of Instruction

One-on-one instruction with PGA professionals benefits any golfer and provides you with a detailed, high-tech analysis of your game. However, you may opt to take lessons with a partner or even take group lessons. Determine how many lessons you need, whether it’s a couple of lessons over a few weeks or numerous lessons over several months. Lessons may include one or more aspects, such as:

  • Equipment analysis
  • Putting instruction, including putt assessment
  • Short game instruction, including chipping, pitching and sand play
  • Long game instruction, including power and distance
  • Course management

Evaluation Phase

Before you begin your lessons, your golf coach will perform an evaluation to diagnose your skill level and performance issues. This may include analyzing your technique while your coach watches you hit shots with various clubs to see how you perform swings or strokes. Your coach may also:

  • Examine your golfing equipment
  • Determine how far you hit with each club
  • Observe ball flight characteristics
  • Discuss strengths and weaknesses in various aspects of golf
  • Discuss practice habits
  • Ask about your motivation for playing golf
  • Ask about your motivation for taking golf lessons

During this evaluation, you should also discuss your expectations and the core issues you’d like to improve. With your coach, formulate a plan for your lessons that allows you to set realistic goals.

Stay On Track

To reach your goals, your coach may require practice drills to perform between lessons. To stay on track, always complete all assigned drills. Every golfer learns differently, so if you don’t understand a concept, be sure to communicate with your coach so they can adjust their teaching style to better suit your learning style. If you feel you need help in other areas not being addressed in your instruction, talk to your coach to reformulate your lesson plans.

Get Lessons At Basking Ridge

Basking Ridge Country Club is one of the premier places to play golf in New Jersey and also offers a top-notch golf academy where you can improve your game. You receive assistance from PGA golf professionals, with private and group lessons available March through November. Whether you’re looking to improve your game or you’re new to golf, you may also benefit from our teaching and fitting programs, also taught by PGA golf professionals for golfers of all ages. Visit our membership page or call 908-766-8200 for more details.