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Learning to choose the right golf club for a shot and the right ball brand for you takes some practice and a little guidance. At Basking Ridge Country Club, our golf instruction team is dedicated to helping you improve your swing and overall game.

Fitting For A Ball

Ask your Basking Ridge instructor to help you test a variety of short-game shots with different balls. Decide which shot matters the most and pick the ball that performs the best on that shot.

Perfecting Your Golf Swing

The golf swing is perhaps the most critiqued motion in sports. Basking Ridge golf gurus help you break down the swing into components you can analyze and improve.

Improving Your Swing

A swing analysis can be done using the naked eye, a mirror or videotapes of your swing, usually from different angles. In order to make a proper change to your golf swing, you need an expert analysis. Our pro instructors help you evaluate your swing so you can concentrate on improving the positive aspects and breaking any bad habits standing in your way.

Choosing The Right Golf Club

There are two primary inputs for picking the right golf club for a shot: your distance to the target and how far you typically hit with each club.

Learning the distance performance of each club takes time and practice on the driving range. Ask your instructor the best way to estimate your range based on the distance markers, which are set at specific distances, such as 50-yard intervals. As a general rule, our instructors typically find 10-15 yards of difference depending on the clubs students use. For example, if your 8-iron sends the ball 140 yards on average, your 7-iron may land the ball 150-155 yards away.

Having the help of a pro lets you stay confident and gauge the distances more accurately so you can learn to pick the right club.

Contact Us

Basking Ridge Country Club has a Golf Academy that caters to all levels of play, so feel free to check it out online or to schedule time in one of our golf clinics or personal golf instruction opportunities.