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Whether you’re new to golf or simply want to boost your game, taking lessons from a professional instructor is one of the most effective ways to improve. Signing up for lessons allows you to work with a golf pro who gives you individualized attention. This one-on-one instruction allows your instructor to develop customized lesson plans that meet your specific needs and abilities, which provides the best opportunity for improvement. Get the most value from your lessons by taking full advantage of your instructor’s vast knowledge and work on each of the skill areas you want to enhance. No matter your skill level, golf lessons can help you play a better game.

Golf Lessons For Beginners

Playing golf is much more than learning how to swing a club. If you’ve recently taken up golf, lessons are the best way for beginners to learn to play and improve their game. Learning to play properly from the start keeps you from developing bad habits and teaches you vital basics. From understanding the importance of choosing the right clubs to developing the perfect grip and swing, there are numerous little details to learn. A good instructor helps you:

  • Get to know your equipment
  • Learn the rules of golf
  • Understand golf course etiquette
  • Avoid making simple mistakes
  • Improve your overall golfing technique

Professional instructors use a combination of techniques to help you build your skills, which may include physical conditioning, classroom instruction, mental visualization, driving range lessons, on-course play, reviewing videotaped swings and equipment fitting programs. Your instructor covers every aspect of playing golf and once you’ve learned to play properly, your instructor also helps you build on your basic skills. With plenty of practice and patience, you’ll soon learn to master golf.

Golf Lessons For More Advanced Players

No matter how long you’ve been playing, you probably want to shoot a lower score. If your handicap has been hovering at the same range for an extended period, taking lessons from a professional instructor can help you shave some points off your game. Intermediate golfers can benefit from professional instruction that helps you:

  • Break bad habits you’ve had for years
  • Increase your endurance level
  • Learn the mental game of golf
  • Improve your handicap with simple fixes you’ve missed
  • Fine-tune your technique
  • Sharpen every aspect of your game
  • Improve your overall consistency

If you’ve been playing for a while and don’t seem to be getting any better, taking lessons can be especially helpful. Although practicing more frequently helps, an instructor can better assess what you’re doing right and doing wrong to help break down the barriers keeping you from improving. Go into your lessons with specific goals in mind and receptive to your instructor’s suggestions, and you’ll soon overcome the issues that’s preventing you from achieving the scores you’ve dreamed about.

Gain Valuable Feedback

One of the biggest benefits of golf lessons is gaining access to a mentor who provides valuable feedback. When you’re playing with your friends, you may hesitate practicing shots you’re not very good at due to embarrassment or to avoid holding up the game. An instructor works with you on your flaws, makes sure you understand what you’re doing wrong and offers advice and tips on how to improve based on their vast experience. As a mentor, your instructor may also offer advice on good courses to play and the best new equipment hitting the market.

Take Golf Lessons At Basking Ridge

Basking Ridge Country Club is one of the premier places in New Jersey to play golf. We offer a top-notch golf academy and adult golf clinics. Our PGA and TPI certified golf professionals offer private and group lessons from March through November and club membership isn’t required to participate. Our instructors know how to deliver your lessons in a way you can easily comprehend and lessons are tailored to your specific skill level and style of play.

Whether you’re a new golfer or looking to improve your game, we work with players of all ages on the driving range, putting green and golf course to ensure each student walks away with a personal plan for improving their level of play. Contact us at 908-766-8200 for more information about our golf lessons from PGA professionals today.