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A male golfer tees off on golf course with an iron

Like any game, golf practice drills are a necessary step to help improve how well you play. When you take professional golf lessons, it’s common for your instructor to assign you drills to perform on your own time. Taking golf lessons is an effective way to improve your game, but there are numerous drills you can do yourself that help you become a better golfer. While someone can tell you or even demonstrate how to improve various aspects of your game, practice makes perfect, and drills help you get physically and mentally involved in improving techniques that may be hampering your game.

Putting Drills

Getting on the green with a hearty swing is important, but getting a hole in one is a relatively rare occurrence. Many games hinge on being able to consistently sink that final putt into the hole. It’s often said that half of par is putting, which makes it a highly desirable skill. Practice putting often and consider these putting drills to improve your game.

Practice Reading The Green: There’s a high side and a low side to every putt, so practice reading the green to learn how to better manage your line and speed. Pick a putt that’s between 10 and 20 feet from the hole that has some break in it. Practice finding the highest and lowest breakpoints that still allow the ball to go into the hole. This teaches you how to control the speed your ball rolls across the green.

Practice Putting Single-handed: Both hands have a job to do during a putt, but if you’re confused about what that job is, try putting with just one hand. Putt from different distances from the hole, first using only your left hand and then only using your right. Your stroke will change based on the hand your using, and you’ll get a better feel for the role each hand has during the putt. This golf practice drill can also tell you which hand should dominate when putting with both hands, which might not be the one you currently use.

Drills To Improve Your Swing

When swinging full out, you must maintain balance throughout the swing. Practice swinging with your driver without actually hitting any golf balls. Get in your regular stance as if you were lining up a shot and get ready to take a normal swing. During this drill, you’re going to stop at different points during your swing to check your balance along the way. After each stop, begin at the start of your swing again. Start your swing, then stop:

  • When the club’s shaft is parallel with the ground.
  • When the club is pointing up at the sky.
  • When the club reaches the top of your backswing.
  • When your club completes the full swing.

Pause after each stop for a couple of seconds and hold your body in place. Take note of your balance in the paused position and evaluate how it feels. If you feel off-balance in any position, you’ve identified a problem area you need practice on.

Slow Your Swing

While you’re concentrating on improving your swing, consider slowing it down to better feel what it is you’re doing right and what you might be doing wrong. In this practice drill, you’ll hit golf balls using your standard full swing, but do it at half the speed you normally would. Concentrate on making sure your swing is in sequence, that you’re staying in balance throughout the swing, and really feel your swing from start to finish. Like the previous drill, if you feel off-balance while swinging slower than usual, you’re probably off balance when your swinging at full speed. By slowing down your swing, you can more easily determine where in your swing you’re getting out of balance and work on correcting it.

Practice Your Game At Basking Ridge

Basking Ridge Country Club offers a premier place to play golf in New Jersey, nestled in the beautiful Somerset Hills area. Our private 18-hole, par 71 golf course also offers members numerous opportunities to practice their golf game with unrestricted use of our practice facilities. Members enjoy unlimited use of our two practice putting greens, short game facility, and driving range. We also offer a top-notch golf academy and private and group lessons from our PGA and TPI certified golf professionals. Contact us at 908-766-8200 for more information about our stunning golf course and let’s improve your game today.