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golf ball and tee set up in the grass with fall leaves around it

As the days slowly grow shorter and thoughts of beach vacations and swimsuits drift to pumpkin carving and turkey dinners, one thing is certain: It’s almost time for fall golf! Pack your best clubs, check out these fall golf tips, and book your tee time at Basking Ridge Country Club today.

Prepare For Weird Weather

Fall weather straddles the line between summer heat and the chillier temps of winter, and sometimes it ping-pongs back and forth. Whatever conditions you experience as you set out in the morning may well be far different than what you’re feeling as you near the ninth hole.

Prepare for quick weather changes by layering your clothes so you can adjust as necessary. Bring an extra pair of socks, too — that morning dew can make for surprisingly damp greens until the sun rises high enough in the sky to chase away the mist. You may also want a hand warmer or two just in case.

Switch Up Your Ball

You may have a favorite brand or type of golf ball, but fall means reevaluating what you’re hitting — if you want to keep beating your buddies, that is. As temperatures dip, it gets harder to feel your club handle and get into the groove. Using a softer ball will help, though you may want to compensate for the shorter travel distance associate with softer balls by going up a club size.

Expect Extra Debris

Even constant leaf blowing and a team of dedicated landscapers can’t contain the whirlwind of leaves that come with the onset of fall. Ground crews work tirelessly to keep the greens free of leaves, sticks, and other bits that might be swirling about, but you’ll have a much better time if you understand that perfection is impossible. Look at it as an extra challenge rather than an inconvenience and play on!

Stop and Enjoy The View 

Autumn is one of nature’s biggest masterpieces. After you’re done admiring your putt or celebrating that birdie, take a look around. At Basking Ridge Country Club, there are views galore. Whether you’re eating lunch inside overlooking the sprawling panorama, strolling by the pond as the fountains gush, or just reveling in vibrant foliage on the countless trees surrounding the course, there is plenty to appreciate.

Leave the Cart Behind

If you’re up for a nice long walk, considering skipping the golf cart and walking from hole to hole. The average highs in Somerset County are in the mid-70s in September, mid-60s in October, and mid-50s in November, but low temps can be 20 degrees cooler. Walking not only gives you some exercise before snow and ice keep you locked inside until spring, but the movement will help you warm up just in case conditions wind up being closer to those low-end temps.

Work on Your Weak Points

With fewer people challenging you to 18 holes of competitive golf — those long-standing friendly rivalries can wait, right? — it’s a great time to perfect your game. Basking Ridge County Club’s golf academy is open to members and non-members alike. Under the watchful eye of PGA and TPI Certified Professionals, you can work on your swing, tweak your short game, and improve power and accuracy just in time for a new year of play.

Have Patience

The foursome in front of you may not be in the same rush they would be during the summer crush. Dew and leaf debris may slow your play. Maintenance efforts like seeding the greens or trimming greenery could make your play slightly less efficient. All of that is part of the game. Instead of rushing, take pleasure in the journey and the moment.

Schedule Your Fall Golf Outing

Itching to make your fall one of the best ever? Ensure golf plays a big role in your autumn fun by joining the Basking Ridge Country Club family. Contact us online or call our Director of Marketing & Membership at (908) 766-8200 ext. 2 to discuss membership packages or schedule a private tour.