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Understanding the Rules of a Golf Scramble

Golf Clubs In Bag

A common tournament format, a golf scramble refers to a game played by a four-person team, with each golfer hitting their own ball throughout the match. From the first stroke, each team’s captain decides the best shot, which is then used as the spot for each player to hit from. At the end of the first round, the team takes another stroke, choosing one location to play from. This process is repeated until all holes have been played. Here, Basking Ridge Country Club explains the main rules of a scramble so our members and their guests can be prepared when enjoying this style of play at our golf course.

Behind the Rules and Regulations

Golf scrambles are known for their more relaxed, informal regulations, which can be tweaked depending on the tournament organizer’s preferences. In other words, golf scrambles do not follow an official set of rules. Rather, they share a few common precedents, including:

  • Teams begin matches by teeing off on every hole and then choosing the best tee option, a decision which often comes down to the captain.
  • Second stroke locations are marked for visibility once determined.
  • Each golfer on the team hits their ball from the chosen location and typically continues until achieving the lowest score for the hole.
  • Throughout the green and except in the case of hazards, golfers are permitted to improve their lie by one club length.
  • If the team’s best shot lands on sand, water, or another hazard, they must play from that spot without moving, and players cannot take advantage of a one-club length advantage.

Scoring a Golf Scramble

Generally, just one ball – meaning one score – is accounted for on each hole per team. Then, each hole’s best score is tallied before determining a team’s rating, which is derived from their total best shots. Thus, the lowest total score for the round determines the winner of a golf scramble tournament.

In the event of a tie, tournament organizers step in. They’ll pick a random hole number before utilizing a team’s lowest score for the chosen hole, a process that typically determines the winner. For instance, the fifth hole can be chosen as the tie-breaker. If the tie continues, another hole will be chosen until the tie is finally broken.

Varying Rules for Different Scramble Formats

Because the rules and regulations of a golf scramble are not entirely set in stone, they may vary depending on the type of scramble format chosen for the tournament as well. The different formats may include:

  • Texas scramble: This format differs from the standard because, throughout the series, each team member must contribute a minimum of four drives.
  • Florida scramble: One team member skips every stroke, with the exception of those within each hole’s drive.
  • Las Vegas scramble: This version features a six-sided die, and with each roll at every hole, it is determined which member will take a drive.
  • Bramble: This combines scramble and best ball, beginning with a team scramble and continuing with each player on their own at every hole to follow.
  • Ambrose: Another variation of a scramble, this version adds a team handicap.

Play Your Next Golf Scramble at Basking Ridge Country Club

If you’re located in North-Central New Jersey looking for a private golf course to play all of your future golf scrambles in, look no further than Basking Ridge Country Club. Located in Basking Ridge, NJ, our scenic golf course provides a host of amenities and even assistance for planning a golf outing, like a scramble-style tournament. For more information, contact us today.

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