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Golf Instruction For TPI Physical Evaluation

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Individual lessons and golf clinics at Basking Ridge Country Club give participants an unparalleled opportunity to improve their game. One of the customized services we offer is TPI Physical Evaluation, which gives you a scientific analysis of your body movements so you can improve and avoid injuries.

How Our Instructors Incorporate TPI Physical Evaluation

Our in-house Titleist Performance Institute-certified PGA professional conducts the evaluation upon request. Ask how your Basking Ridge golf pro can provide you with a body movement screening as a part of your clinic or personal program. Evaluate and test your core, upper body and lower body relative to your golf game.

What Is A TPI Physical Evaluation?

The Titleist Performance Institute golf assessment is a 60-minute assessment that gives you a 13-point physical evaluation of your physical capabilities to help you understand your golf swing better.

The TPI evaluation also helps your instructor customize your lessons or clinic participation. Improve your performance on the green by making subtle changes in your stance, swing and follow.

Benefits Of A TPI Golf Assessment

Here are just some of the specific benefits realized as a direct result of TPI evaluations: 

  • Greater flexibility
  • Increased strength
  • Better balance
  • More power

It may take some getting used to before new movements and ways of thinking make sense. Feel free to ask your pro instructor any questions or concerns that you have to ensure all your hard work results in what matters the most — an improved golf game.

Other Advantages Of Basking Ridge Golf Clinics

One-on-one instruction is the best way to take what you learn in your golf clinic. PGA professionals at Basking Ridge can improve any golfer’s game thanks to their decades-long experience, passion for the sport and dedication to each student. Ask about our half-day with a pro, which gives you the chance to get out on the golf course for a detailed, high-tech analysis of your play and a great round of golf. Come alone, with a partner or in a group.

Contact Us

To learn more or schedule TPI Physical Evaluations, golf clinics or personal lessons, call Basking Ridge Country Club at 908-766-8200 today.

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