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Basking Ridge Golf Video Instruction

Golf Instructor
Whether you want to lower your current golf score or simply want to learn to play the game, video golf instruction combines high-tech innovation with professional assistance to help you increase your skill. With a golf membership at Basking Ridge Country Club, we can work with you to help you perfect your swing.

Video Golf Instruction

Watching your swing on video is one of the best ways to view and improve your game. With our video golf instruction, we can capture your swing frame-by-frame with precise timing and show you flaws that need to be addressed. The video will chart everything within your setup from; grip, posture, swing plane and release point. These visual steps will help identify and set up a course of action that we need to take to best improve your game.

Improve Your Game

Our PGA professionals will set you up with a variety of instructional videos to improve your game. The videos may cover everything from putting tips to tricks for staying below par. Students will learn the correct fundamentals and sequencing of the swing to generate more consistency throughout your game. After going over your swing analysis, our professionals will help the student decide which videos will be most useful for improving your overall game. Video golf instruction is designed to be enjoyable, informative and adaptive to your own personal golf style.

Contact Us

Whether this is your first time playing golf or you are a seasoned pro, we offer a variety of golf instruction packages to suit your needs. Video instruction from our PGA pros helps everyone from junior golfers to tournament players. Contact us at the Basking Ridge Country Club at 908-766-8200 to schedule a golf lesson or to meet with our pros. We can also answer any questions you might have about our packages and programs. We have a number of adult golf clinics, so you can work alongside your peers in a fun learning atmosphere.

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