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Junior Summer Camp At Basking Ridge Country Club

Get Your Junior Player On Par At Basking Ridge Golf Academy This Summer

By Lisa Lee, NJMOM.com, June 12, 2019
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The knowledge and skills learned at Basking Ridge Country Club’s junior summer camp leave a young golfer full of confidence and well on their way to a lifelong enjoyment of the game. Friends with similar goals, an instructor that’s not mom or dad and the completely immersive setting provides opportunities to learn while having fun.

Experienced Instructors Yield Positive Results

The PGA professionals at Basking Ridge Golf Academy are dedicated to helping young golfers become better players. With a maximum of seven campers assigned to each professional, the classes allow time for individual instruction along with beneficial group interaction. Players are sorted according to age and ability, so everyone can experience success.

Half-Day Camps Focus On Swing Fundamentals

Half-day camps offer a complete rundown of the golf swing. Mechanics are explained, and young golfers spend time practicing fundamental movement drills. Golf pros assist with putting, chipping, full swing and specialty shot skills, and campers are shown how and when to use them on the course.

Full-Day Camps Include Game Play And Video Analysis

In addition to providing the full swing instruction of half-day camps, the full-day programs supply details on golf as a sport and a business. Young golfers learn the game’s intricate rules and etiquette as well as the history and stories of today’s players. Instructors explain how to read greens, choose a club and improve short games. Video analysis is used to help beginning golfers understand their swing.

Full-day sessions typically include a warmup, lessons and drills in the morning. After lunch, there’s time for a swim, and then game play begins with course instruction along the way. Additional details of full-day camps are listed below.

  • Games and contests are played to keep instruction and learning fun for everyone.
  • Lunch may be purchased at the pool snack bar or brought from home.
  • Water and Gatorade are provided to all attendees.
  • All camp participants receive a golfer’s goodie bag.
  • Golfers are provided with a personalized assessment along with improvement tips.

More about our camps:

Our junior golf programs are based on the framework of Long Term Athletic Development, and with help from our world re-knowned advisors at The Titleist Performance Institute we design our programs so that our athlete’s:

  • Develop Fundamental Movement Skills
  • Establish Functional Movement Patterns
  • Develop Sport-specific Skills
  • Learn and Master Golf-specific Skills
  • Enhance Strength, Speed, and Power
  • Etiquette and Life Skills
  • Foster a Love for Playing Golf

A child with a strong all- around Athletic Base will develop golf skills at a faster rate and will peak at a higher level of expertise.

Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) is the life-long athletic performance model that starts at birth and ends at early adulthood. The LTAD approach focuses on children performing age appropriate skill acquisition drills to maximize athletic potential. There are critical times in each child’s development, that the body is more responsive to certain skills due to changing growth rate.
The Five Skills are:

  • Speed
  • Suppleness (Mobility)
  • Sports Skill
  • Stamina (Endurance)
  • Strength

Fundamental Movement Skills are general movement patterns that involve two or more segments of the body. These skills are key to overall athletic development:

  • Locomotive Skills- Running, Jumping, Hopping, Sliding, Skipping, etc.
  • Stability Skills (ABC’s of Athleticism)- Agility, Balance, Coordination
  • Object Control Skills- Throw, Catch, Strike, Kick
  • Awareness- Spatial, Kinesthetic, Body

Functional Movement Patterns – The body works in an alternating pattern of mobile then stable joints if a pattern is broken dysfunction, pain, and injury occur, overall athletic performance will suffer. Exercises are performed in all of our programs to train and sustain functional movement patterns. The basic exercises include:

  • Flexion (Hip Hinge)
  • Thoracic Extension (Back Bend)
  • Rotation
  • Overhead Deep Squat
  • Single Leg Balance

Why develop Sport-Specific Skills? Because transfer of learning works. Motor skills developed in one sport have a positive impact on skill development in another sport. These are some sport specific skills we train for golf:

  • Striking- Baseball/Cricket Batting, Tennis Ground Stroke, Hockey Slap Shot
  • Throwing- Baseball Pitching, Football Throwing, Lacrosse, Javelin, Hammer Throw, Discuss, Shot Put
  • Wrist Release Speed and Education- Ping Pong, Badminton, Paddle Tennis, Racquetball/Squash, Frisbee Throw
  • Kicking- Soccer, Football, Martial Arts

Developing Golf Skills happens over an entire golf career. We never stop learning about our swings, putting, or specialty shots. These are some of the Golf Skills our P.G.A. pro’s will be teaching our juniors:

  • Putting- Speed Control, Directional Control, Green Reading, Alignment
  • Short-Game- Distance, Force, and Trajectory Control, Specialty Shots
  • Full Swing- Grip, Posture, Alignment, Ball Position, Weight Shift, Swing Plane/Path
  • Course Management- Tactics, Club Selection, Risk-Reward

Strength, Speed, and Power is crucial to our athlete’s development. Being able to drive the golf ball a long way creates a tremendous competitive advantage. Our Junior’s will learn fundamental strength exercises.

The Tradition and History of Golf is a large part of what makes this game so great and beloved. Our programs will teach rules of the game, proper etiquette, and history. Knowledge of legendary courses, architecture, golfers, and events are important to being a complete golfer.

Junior Summer Camp Sessions Fill Up Fast
Register today for a week of professional golf instruction at Basking Ridge Country Club’s junior summer camp. All registration is on a first come, first served basis and forms may be printed off the website. Please contact the Golfing Academy by phone at 908-766-8200, ext 4 or email academy@baskingridgecc.com if you have any questions.

Basking Ridge Golf Academy
2018 Golf Camps
908-766-8200 ext. 4

Basking Ridge Golf Academy Half & Full Day Camps

Description:   Our half-day camps are designed to teach the golfer all aspects of the golf swing and its application to the course. Grouped by similar abilities and ages, PGA Professionals will teach putting, chipping, full swing and specialty shots. Fundamental movement skills will be taught with drills to improve not only their physical motion, but also their understanding of swing mechanics that help link the motion to their ball striking ability.

Fee:                         $435
Eligibility:                  All Levels of Golfers; Ages 7-16
Dates & Times:
Session #1: June 24 – 28, 9:00am –  11:30am
Session #2: July 8 – 12, 9:00am – 11:30am
Session #3: July 22 – 26, 9:00am – 11:30am
Session #4: August 12 – 16, 9:00am – 11:30am

Click Here for Registration Form

Description:  Our full-day camps are designed for the most eager golfers who want to know all they can about the game. PGA Professionals will cover everything from short game swing, full swing, and putting mechanics to reading the greens and golf course management. Fundamental movement drills, similar motion sports and video analysis will be used to help students relate to their swing mechanics. History of the game, as well as, rules and etiquette will be taught through games and competition that will inspire your golfer. Typically, our days begin with a golf muscle warm up, followed by lessons and drills and breaking mid-day for lunch and a swim. Our afternoons are filled with games and on course instruction. Lunch may be purchased at the pool snack bar or brought from home. Water and Gatorade will be provided daily. Camp also includes a Camp Shirt, Hat and a written Personalized PGA Assessments and Improvement Tips.

Fee:                      $795
Eligibility:              All Levels of Golfers; Ages 7- 16
Dates & Times:
Session #1: July 15 – 19, 9:00am – 3:00pm
Session #2: August 5 – 9, 9:00am – 3:00pm

Click Here for Registration Form

**Please Note:        Special attention to proper golf etiquette, safety and rules will be covered in all Basking Ridge Golf Academy Clinics and Camps. There will be a maximum of 7 students per PGA Professional. Clubs are available for students, but they may bring their own.

**Any questions please call 908-766-8200, ext 4
Doug deMarrais ~ Golf Academy Director

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